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When you buy a new router then you will get a default IP address like and this kind of IP address is called Class C – Private IP address. This IP address is set with the router by default when it comes from the maker for administration motive.

If you have entered as a default IP address on the address bar of your web browser then you can log in and get access to the admin panel. But if your factory settings have been changed already then probably your web browser will take you to the search engine.

Aside from, you can likewise have a different private IP address as your default gateway therefore if you were using IP address to enter the admin panel of your router and you can’t enter then you have to apply the command to know your default gateway initially and put the address in the address bar of your browser to enter it.

To apply command first hold the Windows Key and click R. And there you will see a box and enter cmd and press enter. 

Now type ipconfig | findstr /i “Gateway” in the black command prompt.

Taken after by explorer “http://YOURDEFAULTGATEWAYIPADDRESS”. If you apply this then the Internet Explorer will be opened and the command prompt will launch  the Default Gateway Address

Now you have to log in to your router using your login details. Simply enter your username and password. If you have not modified the default login then it will work. Find out easily the default login details in the manual or at the backside of the router. But due to some problems if you can’t find then you can get the solution with the help of Google Search. 

In the situation, if these do not work then earlier you may have changed the password. So here you will have to reset your router by pressing the reset button for 30 seconds. You will find the reset button at the backside of your router. 

After all, one thing is very important and we suggest to read the company’s instruction book which belongs to your specified router.

Before getting into IP address, primarily we have to know that is an IP address or private IP address and D-Link and Netgear routers mainly use this IP address.

IP address is a popular and widely used by Netgear and D-Link routers. These are the top companies that produce routers all over the world competition with Linksys. Although IP address does not only belong to the Netgear and D-Link. Any other companies are free to use this IP Address if they want. is also known as a default IP address normally used in router settings by Netgear and D-Link routers. The other company’s router also uses
the default IP address but not Instead of this IP address, they use and All these IP addresses are reserved IP for private use by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority)

The default IP address like has its significance to connect to the network router by letting the network administrator for internet connection settings and as well as security settings.

Router Login via

The key use of

Takes you to the router setup page.
Allow users to modify wireless security mode, SSID, and network password.

Follow the procedure:

Power up or turn on the Netgear router and connect your pc to the router using an Ethernet cable.

Launch the browser and type on the address bar of your web browser… No need to open on a specified browser, you can open in any browser. Press enter.

Keep your login details on the required field which you have inserted before. In the condition, if you have not modified the default login details then use the default login details. For Netgear router, the username would be admin and password would be password. But it may differ according to the router model.

Hereafter the previous process you will be in the admin panel of your router. Choose the wireless settings which you can find on the left side of the menu. Here you can edit your SSID and password as your choice. When you complete your edit then press apply.


Have you ever seen this kind of IP address which ends with the letter “L”? Maybe the person who have configured their router or have knowledge about the router and the IP address knows about it. This is absolutely wrong and this is the common mistake people make while typing IP address always contains numbers, not letters so people should be aware of it. 

What is is a private IP address which is used to access router’s admin panel. The popular router company Linksys uses this IP address as their default IP address. But there are also other companies who use this IP address and there are also other IP addresses similar to which is used by other router brands. For instance:, 192.168.l.254,, etc. 

Use of
Getting access to the admin panel, fixing the router problems and for another purpose this IP address is utilized. 

The primary step is to open your web- browser and enter the in the address bar. After that, you are required to put your username and passcode. If you don’t know then you can check your manual book or find out from Google search according to your brand. 

Forgot username and passcode then what is the solution?
In some context, you may lose your username and passcode. It may happen due to some reasons. So what should you do?

You can see the router’s label sticker. It may be there. 
Router’s information can be modified but you can’t modify the IP address Never try to modify which is impossible. 
If you have modified your login details earlier then you have to reset your router which will bring your router to factory defaults. 
Resetting a router is not a difficult task. First, identify the reset button of your router which is on the back of your router. Some routers may have the reset button in the bottom. 
Now press it for 10-15 seconds and if there is a hole then you can use the pin. 
Finally, the router reset process is completed and use your default username and passcode to log in again. is an IP address same like and The difference is only that these IP addresses are used by different router brands but the use is for the same purpose. If you know about only IP address and then IP address is also one of the popular default address of the router. It is mostly used by SMC and Belkin router.

Login to IP Address 
Follow the steps carefully and login to login to IP address without any conflict. 

Take IP address and enter or paste in the web-browser’s address bar. Click enter button. If you don’t have a PC then you can do it from your smartphone also but ensure that the smartphone has made a connection to the same router. 

After pressing the enter button you need a username and password, which comes with your router when you purchase it. You can check your user manual or find out from the router’s website. You can also search in Google to find out the username and password.

Put your username and password and click enter. You will be redirected to the admin console where you can modify your settings and update the version as well.  And if you see an update there then you can modify your login details, modify the advanced network settings and so on. But some of the settings can be modified because the router companies don’t give authority to the users. So the user should be aware of it. 

Problems on
When you purchase router then make sure you use only the default IP address that is authorized by that router brand. If your router uses IP address and you try to get access from IP address then you will never get access. So identify your default IP address before getting access to your router. Another important thing is you can’t change the default address to other IP address. If you try to do so then you are doing a wrong thing which can’t happen. 

Can’t remember your username and password
If you can’t remember your username and password which you have modified from the default. Here you have to reset your router to come back again to default. 

Find out your reset button on the back or bottom of your router. Press for 10 seconds or use pin because some routers include a hole for reset option. After pressing the reset button for 10 seconds the router will be restarted. You will see the lights blinking. 

Again the default username and password is needed here for login. So you can reset your router in a simple and easy way.

What are these numbers separated by dot(.)?
If you don’t know then, it is a class A IP address utilized by companies that manufacture routers. They use in their routers as a default gateway address. The features of are it can be taken to configure your network and on its local area network, it should be unique. 

How can I log in using on the router

The initial step is to launch your web browser and enter in the address bar of your browser which is at the top. Then click Enter. 
Now you will be in the page of the admin console where you have to put your login details. (Username and Password)
If you are unknown about the login details then you can find backside of your router. Still, if you are unable to find then simply google it or contact your customer care. 
After that choose the Network section from the menu.
You can use Dial-up/DSL or other methods for configuring the network. Put the login details (Username and Password) which you received from your network provider.
Google gives the DNS and

Having problem on connecting

You should know that is an IP address that means the local side of a wireless access point connection to the Internet. You will see the address in the TCP/IP network gateway settings after the device gets connected to LAN (local area network). You can investigate if any other device is using in the local network. 

Common mistakes people make
Engagement on the wrong device address and the gateway device that is not responsive.
 Engagement on the wrong client address.